Command and Conquer Generals Beta serial key or number

Command and Conquer Generals Beta serial key or number

Command and Conquer Generals Beta serial key or number

Command and Conquer Generals Beta serial key or number

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, Command and Conquer Generals Beta serial key or number

Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour

This article is written from a
real world point of view.
You thought the war was over... You thought wrong.
- Intro

Command & Conquer:
Generals - Zero Hour


Singleplayer, multiplayer


Intel Pentium 3/AMD Athlon 800 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, 32 MB AGP DirectX 8.1 compatible video card NVIDIA Geforce 2 or ATI Radeon 7500, DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card, 8x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive, vanilla Generals (PC)

1 GHz PowerPC G4, 256 MB RAM, Mac OS X 10.2.6, 32 MB video card, DVD-ROM drive. (Mac OS) Recommended: 1.6 GHz Processor, 256+ RAM, 64 MB Video Card, Directx 9c (Mac)

Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour is the expansion pack for the computer game Command & Conquer: Generals, released in 2003. Zero Hour added several new abilities to each side, and a new mode of play called the Generals Challenge, where the player takes on the identity of one of nine generals (three representing each faction) and does battle against most of the other generals, eventually confronting a powerful "boss" general, General Leang. Regular factions seen in the base game are also available and are updated.

The generals system was originally supposed to appear in the base game. Development of the new units was inspired by the development team's experiments with INI editing and combining existing units and weapons to create new ones.[1]


Main article: War against the GLA#Zero Hour

Zero Hour also contains three new campaigns of five missions each instead of seven in the last game, one for each side, with their chronological order being USA first, GLA second, and China last. Unlike the previous campaigns, which were noted by Command and Conquer fans for not having full motion video cinematic sequences during mission briefing, the Zero Hour campaigns return to that Command and Conquer tradition, each showing a live-action video of a news reporter of the respective side giving details about the situation behind the current mission. The plot behind the Zero Hour campaigns picks up where it left off at the end of the previous campaigns.


At the beginning of the USA campaign, the Global Liberation Army (GLA) launches a biological weapon using a refitted Soyuz launch station from the captured Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at a USA military base located in Northern Europe. The United States Army retaliates quickly, destroying the launch platform, before the GLA can fire another missile. As the campaign continues throughout Somalia at the harbour, Russia where a GLA research facility is held for both Black Lotus and Colonel Burton to destroy it and the famous airbone operation at the Amisbad oil fields in Iran, the United States learns that a GLA general codenamed "Dr. Thrax" (who was the man behind the research factory in Russia and oil funding in Iran) has been developing a more lethal variety of anthrax known as "Anthrax Gamma". When the USA locates his base of operations, they discover that he is planning to launch several missiles loaded with this toxin at major population centers within the USA itself. A swift strike by the USA, with the help of rogue GLA forces, succeeds in preventing this atrocity, and brings an end to "Dr. Thrax".


In the GLA campaign, the GLA, though disappointed by the death of Dr. Thrax and the American victory, receives a boost in morale with the successful appointment of their new supreme commander, General Mohmar "Deathstrike", who escapes American pursuit. The GLA first attempts to reunite its splintered factions under Deathstrike's command, which it succeeds in doing after eliminating Prince Kassad's forces in Egypt, who betrayed the GLA and would not assist Deathstrike's forces, and then begins a fervent mission to drive the Americans out of Europe. Despite their inferior weapons and equipment, the GLA succeeds in inflicting tremendous harm against the USA. They successfully capture an American Particle Uplink Cannon before using it to destroy the USS Ronald Reagan (cutting it in half from starboard to port, as shown in the game's cover) and infiltrating the US West Coast to steal toxins from a chemical storage facility. The GLA campaign reaches its climax when the GLA overruns the US Army's European central command base in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, partially with the use of captured Chinese weaponry and later US technology from a UN outpost. Finally, the GLA manages to drive American forces out of Europe completely.


In the Chinese campaign, the Chinese People's Liberation Army enters Europe after the United States withdrew its forces, intending to destroy the GLA once and for all. In order to prevent the GLA from making use of advanced United States weapons, China launches a nuclear missile at the military base, destroying it. The GLA retaliates by mounting a massive assault against a nuclear reactor in mainland China, but the attack is repelled. The PLA forces then advance into Germany, where the GLA invaders are concentrated. After a series of Chinese victories, the nearly defeated GLA takes control of an evacuated USA military base and uses its weaponry against the Chinese. China succeeds in recapturing this base, and finally completely drives the GLA out of Europe. Following the war, the Eurasian Unity League is established between China and the newly liberated Europe, the world looks forward to a new era of Chinese leadership while America adopts a policy of isolationism.


The general selection screen in the Generals' Challenge. Each general has unique units and modifications to the standard arsenal. The United States of America Generals are:


General Townes

General Townes: Townes' strategy is focused on using laser weaponry. His power plants cost less and generate more energy. This general does not have access to the Paladin tank or the Tomahawk. It is also worth noting that his Laser crusaders require one point of power each. Strategies include building power plants and then laser defence turrets to destroy most forces that close in on his base. When attacking, use Comanches and infantry to support your laser tanks. His defenses are vulnerable to artillery like the nuke cannon, tomahawk and so on.

General Malcolm Granger

General Malcolm "Ace" Granger: Granger's strategy is focused on more powerful aircraft. His aircraft are a slightly cheaper and feature a laser defense system (this includes all aircraft barring the Comanche). One possible strategy is to attack the enemy's base with an onslaught of fully-upgraded King Raptors. However, his air forces are vulnerable to anti-air defenses. When countering this general be sure to build a large group of anti-air units and build anti-air defense to pinned down his flying machines from rushing their opponents.

General Alexis Alexander

General Alexis Alexander: Alexander's strategy is focused on super weapons. Alexander can create a very stable economy and build up a large amount of special weapons and defensive structures quicker than most generals. The price of the particle cannon is slashed in half for her, $2500 instead of the usual $5000. 


General Ta Hun Kwai

General Ta Hun Kwai: Kwai's general strategy is focused on the use of heavily armored, technologically superior tanks and vehicles. He is unable to build artillery units and must pay more to deploy aircraft and infantry. He has cheaper and more powerful tanks. Strategies involving reliance on heavy vehicle assaults and rapid troop movements are suited to General Kwai's forces. However, the overall lack of long-ranged support units leave Kwai's forces vulnerable to long range bombardment, against which his forces cannot effectively retaliate.

General Tsing Shi Tao

General Tsing Shi Tao: Tao's army is boosted by nuclear energy. His nuclear technology enables more output per power plant than that of other Chinese divisions. He also utilizes a nuclear arsenal via missile silos, tactical nuclear artillery, and nuclear bomb equipped MiG fighter jets and Helix helicopters. His Overlord and Battlemaster Tanks fire shells that release nuclear radiation. In addition, their movement speed is much greater than that of standard Chinese tanks. Other than these additions, there are no significant changes, and Tao's forces play much like the mainstream Chinese Army. aside from that, he also had no limitations in arsenal of china and had much full access of it. unlike other chinese army division generals which clearly had beyond limits in use of chinese arsenals, this ideal thing is what makes Tao unique the most compared to other generals.

General "Anvil" Shin Fai

General "Anvil" Shin Fai: "Anvil" specializes in infantry units and has a significant early tactical advantage against the infantry of other Generals. All infantry under his command start as veterans; He also can requisition elite Minigunners to replace the standard Red Guardsmen. These high-caliber weapons they carry are the bane of aircraft in larger numbers. However, he is unable to build any battle tanks other than dragon tank, but is still able to deploy primarily anti-personnel and support vehicles. This reliance on infantry leaves his force very vulnerable to the effects of radiation and toxins, and under less common circumstances, mass vehicle rushes, where infantry are vulnerable to being run over, yet, if his abilities and advantages are used properly and efficiently, will bring swift defeat to opposing forces. He is not faced in the General's Challenge.


Dr. Thrax

"Dr. Thrax": The GLA Toxin General's units and some structures are boosted with toxins, and he sacrifices very little for his tactical advantages when fully upgraded. Most notable of advantages, is the fact that his units are granted the more potent toxin, Anthrax Beta (a late-game upgrade) from the beginning of a match, and can upgrade with Anthrax Gamma (Anthrax Gamma is an effective weapon that can destroy tanks), to improve his forces further. He is able to train Toxin Rebels. The toxin-dispensing weapons of these units are equally effective against vehicles and infantry. His Tanks, RPG infantry and Stinger Sites also add a "stream" of toxin to their rockets, which adds a large damage bonus to their attacks.

Prince Kassad

Prince Kassad: A GLA General specializing in stealth tactics. All of his buildings can be covered in camo netting, making them invisible to most enemy units, he gets an improved GPS Scrambler ability, allowing him to cloak more units than other GLA cells can in a period of time, and has improved stealth Rebels. He also has cheaper Hijackers from the start that are always stealthed. He cannot build any tanks, or long range SCUD launchers. Ambush, surprise, harassment and attrition are the optimal strategies for Kassad's forces. However, the lack of heavy armor leaves them even more vulnerable than regular GLA cells to direct and concentrated assaults. Also, the inability to deploy long range SCUD launchers means that at most times, his forces operate without in-direct fire support. The stealthy presence of his forces provide a psychological edge over human opponents, but AI can somewhat detect the player's presence without using satellite scans or other stealth-detecting devices. Prince Kassad hold the weakest point division of any GLA army divisions his arsenals function much like the standard GLA forces but lacked power his army cell has no anything power or any direct difference from Standard GLA other than being stealth, Generals that has ability to detect and avoid stealthy sneak, would be challenging and difficult to him.

Rodall "Demo" Juhziz

General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz: A GLA general specializing in explosives. Most of his field units and buildings are granted a self-destruct capability, encouraging the use of suicide attacks. His Terrorists are more powerful and he has cheaper, more powerful Demo Traps. His Combat Cycles come with a Terrorist instead of a Rebel. He does not have access to most stealth units or Anthrax weapons. He also does not face the player in the Generals' Challenge.

Boss General

"Tigress" Leiong Leang

General "Tigress" Leiong Leang: The final general in the Generals' Challenge. She has a massive army consisting of units & structures from all three regular factions, in addition to a Particle Cannon, Nuclear Missile, and Scud Storm. She is not a playable general. However, she can be unlocked as a playable general in different incarnations by several modifications.


General Ironside

General Ironside is the boss general of the USA forces alongside the American Commander.

He utilizes all powers available to USA faction, such as the combination of the effective King Raptor, deadly Aurora Alpha and cheap Particle Cannon. both EMP Patriot Missile Defense and Laser Turret is available, make his base is nearly impenetrable. Besides that, he also uses a group of CIA agents which can plant demolitions, assisted by few Pathfinders which always cloaked led by Colonel Burton which can plant bombs even faster.

General Mohmar "Deathstrike"

General Mohmar "Deathstrike" the boss general of the GLA forces, he is never fought, but he is the focus in first mission of the GLA campaign. In that mission, Deathstrike must be escorted to a stolen C-130.

Online play

Same as with the base game, Zero Hour included online play through GameSpy on Windows, as well as LAN play on both Windows and Mac. Once the GameSpy servers were shut down, the remaining core player base moved to the community-run server C&C:Online. The Mac release is incompatible with this service.




  1. ↑Electronic Arts Los Angeles, Command & Conquer: The First Decade. Feature: "10 Years of Command & Conquer".
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Command and Conquer Generals Beta serial key or number

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Half-Life: Gunman Chronicles: 2609-57245-0368 or 5826-95445-8263

Half-Life: Opposing Force: BUF5-ZED4-DUD6-GYS8-4662 or BAB5-DUT4-WAG6-NUW33975 KeyGen by DEViANCE

Half-Life: Counterstrike: 4422-93598-8995 or 8495-78586-5785 or 2462-92319-7642 or 3029-74897-4246 or 8474-05768-1841

Half-Life: Initial Encounter: 0176-11134-0245

Hardwood Solitaire 2:NAME: Homer Simpson CODE: 183905

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: 1740-9488245-5171152-5225 or 7614-2322168-5761892-3635 or 7954-3123341-1387427-3052 CD-KEYS from DEViANCE NFO

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: 1612-4431389-3567081-2617 or 3590-5978910-0047538-0331 or 5847-5762805-5974839-1964 or 9866-3896829-1693212-1762 or 8498-0145862-0913959-3520 KeyGen by iMMERSiON

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: 4500-0980084-7751600-3013 or 0901-7014788-4117807-0206 or 4501-9595560-6206752-0003

Hegemonia: Legions of Iron: BAD0-DAD0-5000-8113 or BAD9-DAD9-5001-A112 or BAD8-DAD8-5002-8112 or BAD7-DAD7-5003-6113 or DEAD-1870-5004-4538 or DEAD-1871-5005-7538 or DEAD-1872-5006-6538 or DEAD-1873-5007-953B CD-KEYS from FAIRLIGHT NFO

Hero Of Might And Magic 8: WFCG545234QB

Heli Heroes: DJP9-MXYL-7AU2-ZXW5 or 8BNK-C9EH-63HB-KJ88

Hellbender: 415-0027516

Highland Warriors: AABMY-AAPCX-IUSJZ-YVQSA-AAAAA *might not work

Homeworld: BED2-BYS4-FEB2-TUL3-6653

Homeworld: Cataclysm: GAF6-CAB4-SEX5-ZYL6-2622

Hunting Unlimited: 4325-5743-8796

IGI-2: Covert Strike: 70F4-AFA3-5374-3342 or 27A2-B504-9E22-C6AE or 2325-7E35-0D25-1BE5 or 6C74-1833-AB64-CE02 or FF72-9E82-C1F2-E5FC KeyGen by DEViANCE

Industry Giant 2: MVNR*26HA*LSSZ*80A5 or BBKD*66NY*YTYY*85A5 or ODLM*41AZ*MRRC*605A or VXOU*05ON*IOKT*8B3C or HOHO*44JT*OEQK*64C3

Insane: NTNE-EED8-WG2A-76MW-A4 or N7NE-EED8-WQ2A-76MW-A4 or K52B-HRDM-ZV39-X6H6-B5

International Cricket Captain 2001: VPC5-3NR5-I58K

Island Xtreme Stunts: 1500*0807060*6130480*2623 or 1500*4463460*5006814*2615 or 1500*2663253*0843068*6815 or 1500*6702531*0302858*4724 or 1500*3664360*2823508*4612 KeyGen by FAiRLiGHT

Island Xtreme Stunts: 9266-3940224-6451965-4403 or 5650-1420017-9709912-4314 or 0624-0211853-6680311-1104 or 3982-4475517-9334371-0013 or 2552-9600481-0118519-6402 KeyGen by iMMERSiON

James Bond 007: NightFire: 1740-9488245-5171152-5578 or 7614-2322168-5761892-1232 or 7954-3123341-1387427-6504 CD-KEYS from DEViANCE NFO

James Bond 007: NightFire:9173-4070685-8965822-5423 or 1880-8931112-3648989-0941 or 5084-2715653-5193334-0406 or 7228-0268083-0105826-3262 or 0485-9805518-3621398-0437 KeyGen by iMMERSiON

Kingdom Under Fire: E1KJ-RL62-COO7-FT96 or F52D-AB3G-O1PD-OGL3

Kingdom Under Fire: (GOLD EDITION) E3VI-FP69-HT79-5KVG

Kohan: Ahriman's Gift: 1001-DEAD-DEAD-0037

Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns : 5DE5-EA10-EF80-2D06 or 6BD9-9A56-BC85-455A *might not work

Madden NFL 2001: 1500-6610360-1643530-0243 or 1805-4550026-9547494-4424

Madden NFL 2002: 0901-5445152-2745753-4827 or 4500-696704-1079449-1500

Madden 2003: 1911-1911-1911-A7NC **suspect this will only work with the Razor release

Master of the Skies: The Red Ace:NAME: Brian Loudenslager CODE: L-9LQY-2RRS-ZFFN

Matt Hayes Fishing: 1439-8808778-3837107-1364 or 3496-5109968-3484992-2804 or 5533-3743808-8068198-0540

MechWarrior 4: Inner Sphere Mech Pak: GF8TG-T6GTT-H667T-P9QG7-67BCW or JHWYD-KWDHX-G23MX-BFQ6B-JR2GJ

Medal Of Honor: 1500-2139578-6825676-2708 or 1500-3855778-5710282-7616

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault: 5000-0000000-0000000-5068 or 4507-6291266-9967473-0763 or 3615-4209737-2601657-6807

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault:8407-9002613-4215921-6250 or 6459-4613909-3004396-2022 or 0384-6530192-9035951-3833 or 7843-9009761-8774649-1907 or 2526-1645300-0483497-8133 KeyGen by iMMERSiON

Medal of Honor: Spearhead Expansion Pack: 5000-0000000-0000000-5039

Medal of Honor: Spearhead Expansion Pack: 7465-4898349-4862438-0125 or 9973-8908124-1491028-5507 or 8756-7325895-6538889-2122 or 6989-6290209-7483308-5726 or 3142-3241867-0910290-4021 KeyGen by Outcast

Mortyr: 7866-3320-5AB1-6C78

Motor City Online: HGP658U3HHUNP or 7P9AZW2GXY8U7

Motocross 3: 516F-F0B7-81AB-354F-6398-16B5-3879-1E03-2059


MotoRacer 3: 41AC-02E1-8683-0317-D417-9486-CCB6-B858-2053 or 54E9-A751-1DA8-E109-EFB3-51F9-D90F-75D0-2250 or D26C-5683-8FBF-D68C-E1F8-4A92-AC9B-335A-2351 or B018-B201-1252-6F3D-CA3F-D5C0-AF76-4BC0-2259

Mr. Driller: ALC3-E4NW-2CY3-2WLE

MS Flight Simulator 95: 465-6389583

MS Flight Simulator 98:(OEM): 00297-OEM-0018667-66666 or 12345-OEM-1234-567-12345

MS Flight Sim Amsterdam Shiphol 2000: 6836-0462C1

MS Flight Sim Downunder 2000: EMKP-TJJK-LABF-VSWT

MS Flight Sim Downunder 2002: PTGL-SFLX-JJEK

MS Flight Sim Italy 2000: 6830-FE9NRAW1

MS Flight Sim Lauda 425: 033-0400-09000001111805

MS Flight Sim MadDog 2000: 6754-IPZ4XY

MS Flight Sim Pilot in Command: W767-DD2EE409-89AD6AA3

MS Golf 3.0: 17598-OEM-0035123-02122

MS Monster Truck Madness: 465-6389583 or 450-0535503

MYTH 2 SoulBlighter: 5Q6B82DXG1EENJD4

Nascar 4: GAC7-REB8-TUX6-DAC2-7833 or GAC7-FAB2-DYX4-DEF2-4849 or GAP4-RAB4-NUX6-ZYT3-2479

Nascar Craftsman Truck Series: DES6-DAB2-ZEL6-CAX2-5799

Nascar Racing 2000: 14044-BUSY-LISA-SLOP-VIVA

Nascar Racing 2002: RAF2-RAL2-RAS2-RAX2-6667 or DUS7-MAB6-LUZ5-NYL3-2544 or FGF8-HFG5-HGY6-MNV1-6543 or CVB3-NBF6-OKM5-QSA5-7656


NBA Live 2001: 2001-0020601-0010978-6694 or 2001-0020601-0010978-6694

NBA Live 2003: A125-1754-87EE-75E5 or RH9U-2CLF-VR9F-6KYL or 2YGS-GGLD-3GGD-GSFY or 3CTA-VFZY-S8YZ-X4Q3 or 4PES-E6KY-WCEY-4P63 or NEGX-94AV-4NGV-XMZ4 or TN5E-9UEF-LR5F-3FG6


Need For Speed 5 (Porsche Unleased): 14077-BUSY-CODA-CALF-BIFF or 14077 TOYS PORK SHOP TEST

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2: 8249-7EE3-84EW-TXGT

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2: 9YGT-BX7S-S6GS-PBNQ or XTJY-7PS2-CAJ2-A7EX or QR5T-8L8A-D85A-KS9H or FBPR-L5WK-E8PK-QWH3 or L4QW-4TPM-DKQM-W6RN KeyGen by DEViANCE

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2: LOST-9ZAW-EO24-CYZD or LOST-ITQZ-903H-QYWP or LOST-S1C4-O1XV-AYZR or LOST-2IXO-V2M8-RY8Q or LOST-HO6X-8IIX-YY99 KeyGen by CLASS




NHL 2001: 1500-5381519-0421709-2522

NHL 2002: 1000-2003004-0000000-4904

NHL Hockey 2003: VBD5-34BJ-Q103-K52Y or MQSA-XY1H-3BLE-FAM7 or JNS9-009W-4H7A-SA3R CD-Key from Razor 1911 NFO

Nox: 017989-190334-175336-2528 or 018210-528488-068193-2183 or 018291-828961-075634-2771

Operation Flashpoint: M3CZ-P5186-XNEYL-CL0T7-513NT or 0K8B-LSCSD-AG97Z-0B41F-9LGW1 or Z5RN-EBP5Y-AXSMK-WKGR3-947V1

Operation Flashpoint: Red Hammer Gold: 9W80-3HW1A-ZTTE2-C4BRR-JKGEW or 8NLR-JF22E-H1NAF-2EZ16-ZHKTP or G1Y8-5BD17-1AVP8-RWFGS-ZXHH6

Operation Flashpoint: Red Storm: 28H4-4873-3875G4-8472

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance: PC0T JV8RK JHALH ZX10W GJ6E5 or NJTA FYWK0 70J6M XJ821 DK3N2 or VWCD SBG7N EWM0D RSV0S X0XA6 or 5Z8C 6MSMS 2LJ31 VAJRD WK45P or 10LN YAB76 3A22A PAV15 4559J KeyGen by DEViANCE

O.R.B. (Off-World Resource Base): JTRV74NVVKUJX7AM or 7TRV74NVVKUJX7AM

Outlive: C61E41-A3F465-4674C1-ACE71F


Precision Pilot: CVQ-14129-NPX

Quake III Arena: JHBH-7HDH-232B-DD23-ED or B332-LDL3-C3G2-BCJB-E9 or B3GA-CBJL-H7GH-J3AD-28 or JHGL-AB3J-LBHA-7JBB-41 or 7D3A-3GAB-3ADH-AA72-D7 or GD2D-2CDG-L7DD-DGLL-2F KeyGen by FAiRLiGHT

Quake III Arena: 7JJ32W3RBGG3HB7J or 37GRBJJGG2PRWWL3 or LDLPH27P73TCCHJA or WRWHJPRHTHGLCPWW or PB7RRBJ3CBTH33HP or HCWWDRPWCWJTR2HJ KeyGen by Oracles of Celestial Revolution


Quake III: Team Arena: TSBH-7CCG-DPWP-B2LT-84

Rails Across America: 1499-C1EE-1B1F-F546

Rally Trophy: 4A65-7AF9-8487-62D4 or 76AE-90A9-C6C1-17A8

Real Air Traffic Controller 2: 044-0800-23000007152226 or 030671-696424-662389-9079

Red Ace Squadron: B1292168-EF12-43D3-B64A-3CEC766DF859


Return To Castle Wolfenstein: SPAD-RPTH-TACW-CPLC-D3 or DCGH-CLLR-HCAG-LPLG-6F KeyGen by Mr. Wobbly-Tickle

Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Game of the Year Edition: SL3H-SSPG-B3JL-LPCC-A5


RTL Ski Jump 2003: 00B40-0AICD-AGD82-G8JDC-6GEEF

Sacrifice: 1234-1234-1234-1234 or 31J8-2IMG-50G1-98PM or 3QO3-WLER-FCSG-ZRP9 or PFVX-SJOB-9EFB-KJZB

Sega GT: GTJ08010-322007-01723

Settlers III: 6340-2247-3385-5695-2599 or 1955-0101-0442-6111-8401 or 5125-8948-2095-5227-2588

Settlers III: Quest of the Amazons: 0862-1691-3549-9242-1581

Settlers 3: BETA: 1349-3583-1434-4345-4008

Settlers IV: 1576-5655-2355-6565 or2188-0214-3297-7146-5094

Shogun: Total War: 1600-0052410-0052410-6424 or 1500-4028925-5400994-5851

Shogun: Total War: Mongol Invasion: 4505-5365525-1636262-0821

Shogun: Total War: Warlord Edition: 0901-2083601-5604228-7502 or 0901-3721384-6427058-7026

Sim Coaster: 2001-0013101-0010978-2823 or 2500-7110666-7931751-1642

Sid Meires Sim Golf: 2121-0600600-0600600-4731 or 5000-0000000-0000000-5071

Simcity 3000: UK EDITION: 5501-2440521-3168507-4469 or 1002-5230384-8849221-3060

Simcity 3000: 2121-0600600-0600600-4731 or 1002-5230384-8849221-3060

Simcity 3000 UNLIMITED: 1003-3075799-0432754-4668

Simcity 4: U9UJ-JWB7-4F2Z-HUKV or 8FD3-DQ4X-L899-A22P or 49T2-G2WJ-TEH7-F4KH or URVB-5MQM-LGP4-UUTG or LH2J-L47V-LN3J-2P2U or VJ3U-J95R-PQD6-8MBL KeyGen by iMMERSiON

SkiStunt Simulator:Name: David Jones Code: B924-DAC3-E51C-1AA4-5E59-6188-8ED6-3F98

Soccer Mania: 1500-0596231-5772708-4613 or 1500-0317236-0403447-0111 or 1500-0127238-1160844-1527 or 1500-0037236-2720367-1026 or 1500-0047236-6374909-3510 CD-KEYS from FairLight NFO

Soldier of Fortune: BEN2-BAC7-BUZ6-JAD3-9742 or BEB6-DAB4-NUZ2-LAD6-7454 or LAB5-PYB6-DAP6-DYR2-3448

Soldier of Fortune: (Linix): BEN6-MUC8-BEZ6-BUJ6-3764

Soldier of Fortune Gold: NAR8-FAJ6-JAL4-RYJ7-4867 or NAR8-FYB2-SYL6-LEZ3-4647

Soldier of Fortune 2:(BETA): 3Z4J-J3PP-K848-EWPK-1F

Soldier Of Fortune II: Double Helix: R8XW-4PE3-3HTH-7WMM-B3 or XPPX-JKPR-TTR7-7TK8-76 or MP3J-HTXH-EK37-XPFH-14 or FKJ4-JR8P-PK38-MWWR-E8 or THR3-48T4-TXT7-RM3T-66 or 8F8W-MJ8M-WKWX-F8PH-18 KeyGen by FAiRLiGHT


StarCraft: 1234-56789-1234 or 1998-00000-1997 or 1234-56789-0002 or 0000-00000-0003 or 3535-87030-0179 or 4835-08309-0407 or 2742-66220-2897 or 2942-46281-1002 KeyGen by UNKNOWN

Star Trek: Conquest: 2E10BCNHII86UP5V

Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force: C33R-RX69-FTCY-NBHP-75 or F9YN-C433-K9RB-4RTP-15 or HN3M-HRYP-R9TH-4HXM-4D or RTTK-433H-K9RY-9XCK-C4

Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force: 9HF4-KKTT-RYY6-BRR6-89 or PNKT-9RR6-9N36-M9F9-7C or YYR4-996T-TR6K-9RM9-EE or R3NH-6XXP-RNRT-NNRH-E5 or 3BX9-MMPH-69F9-P3KT-99 KeyGen by FAiRLiGHT

Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force Expansion Pack: C5-0CLS-0FLT-00RA-0001 or 4B-XHFP-PPKX-69TC-NK3B

Star Trek Elite Force II: R9TI-4HHN-1MEF-LAIV-CDEB or 6RXS-GBSY-BJYG-99WR-A7A3 or QGHR-I2XS-R4B9-94XB-A562 or M2QB-8UK5-HCGA-8UGL-0E2C or YD7X-YT2P-GFHC-CFST-6623 CD-KEYS from DEViANCE NFO

Star Trek: Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates: 4008-B491-1DC3-0F6C

Star Trek: Starfleet Command 2: Empires at War: RYS8-LAB4-JEF8-BYM3-4652

Star Trek: Starfleet Command III: 0000-0000-0000-K28K

Strifeshadow: 25A2-34A5-7F45-E9D1

Sub Commander: 0901-1315206-2102812-3248

Submarine Titans: GAYMADBOY-7TEH or 77WYKZWFN-AWES

Superbike 2001: 1500-4288423-2982915-3163 or 2500-6844942-3074777-7734

SWAT 3: BAC2-BAB2-BAB2-BAB2-2352 or LOS4-GAB8-ZEG8-XAN3-7325 or LUS7-JAB4-TUG8-WEF6-4883

SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle: TER2-NAB8-PAB9-SEM7-5658

SWAT 3: Elite Edition: LYF7-FUB6-JEM5-NUD6-5854 or LYF9-JUB4-BUM3-ZED7-9774


Team Factor: BVHO1I1-KU18HP8 or R6AY8UV-6GAGNWW or VUENAM3-HN9U568 or EPW6MVM-8JHT1OW or ZG2ET52-OCKK6B2 KeyGen by DEViANCE

The Gladiators: UK-822F-FFFF-7BAB-A591-21DE or UK-E404-FFFF-D3F7-92D9-52AD or UK-9AF3-FFFF-B6DE-B3F2-916E or UK-4F79-FFFF-D9DC-B4B4-11EE or UK-D1D5-FFFF-49FA-F0D8-1BE4

The Nations: 031877-746043-727025-3622

The Sims: 100726-257940-743158-8346 or 100486-585530-905808-0928 or 100137-472642-480652-6225 or 001316-404934-425063-0476

The Sims: Livin' Large: 1501-6866508-5905706-5454 or 8663-4966712-3945768-1934 or 4501-5024922-4010213-3085

The Sims: House Party: 0901-4177371-2064872-3510 or 2500-1197387-6990762-4234

The Sims: Hot Date: 1500-9284574-4408958-6878 or 1501-7709210-3634998-1949 or 1501-5007054-9313297-0430

The Sims: On Vacation/Holiday: 1500-9874009-0973804-6601 or 1500-6766850-1565793-1840 or 5414-3558414-5169504-3313

The Sims: Superstar: 5213-4136978-0786648-2150 or 6119-7423934-1107164-0469 or 3644-7953876-3053577-1840 or 6059-0615397-7098322-5538 or 9932-8594999-8729969-4924 KeyGen by iMMERSiON

The Sims: Unleashed: 9932-1129289-4998838-6403 or 1501-5818220-4075251-1203 or 1501-8716541-3101813-1109

The Tainted: 41-W6TLCLRWTB8B2LN

The Typing of the Dead: TDK02200-176403-17407

Theme Park Inc: 2001-0013101-0010978-2823 or 4500-8118221-2433377-3769

Theme Park Manager: 4507-6738607-3614392-1817

Theme Park: Sim Coaster: 2500-7110666-7931751-1642

Throne of Darkness: RAC2-RAD2-RAC2-RAC2-3387 or NYF9-FEB4-WEN8-PYS3-2228 or XUR9-DEB2-DUC3-NUF2-4483

Tien: KSW003-351467-324580-157236 or KSW003-062688-348450-870938 or KSW003-632553-850453-715567 or KSW003-808343-147486-103467 or KSW003-542465-235481-001066 Keys from Razor 1911 NFO

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001: 1500-3202255-2068109-2932

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002: 5000-0000000-0000000-5045

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003: FLTR-O825-9192-1RLC

Top Gun: Fire at Will: 2UQM-444H-M4UQ-FJQ4-MBS5

Total Annihilation Kingdoms: 9FXN-5GP4-TWK4-4WH6

Total Club Manager 2003: 1500-1270979-1106065-7818 or 4500-8594313-1513550-6532

Train Sim Modeler: TR-LOWXMW-091480-1

Train Sim: The Activities: 6850-YV6AYS6B

Trainz: RAZO-R99F-QPVR-8W4W-XFF8-MC9Z or RAZO-R9WF-XV5X-EK69-Y8H2-5MI5 or RAZO-R90B-8CMO-Q3LC-3NX8-OHVH or RAZO-R919-LWEE-AGMQ-5S1T-VXC1 or RAZO-R9K6-FGCH-6B05-6WVH-56YX KeyGen by Razor 1911

Tribes 2: LUR7-PAB2-NYG5-PYB3-3979 or DYC3-WAB2-XEF9-ZABC-9667

Triple Play Baseball: 1809-5643-8873-2398-0198

Triple Play 2001: 14103 BUSY ETCH JOWL TELL or 14103-CAFE-SNOW-SPAT-GLOB

Trophy Bass 4: NUN3-DYC8-NAC5-LEL6-6829 or NUB9-WUB8-ZUC7-RAJ3-3976

Trophy Hunting 4: DYB3-GAG8-LAR6-FUZ6-9747

Trophy Hunting 5: LYP9-PAB4-DUB4-JYD2-5786

Ultimate Hunt Challenge: 14067-CAFE-DALE-KNEE-GRIN



Vampire: The Masquerade (Redemption):(2cd~{!/~}s): RAC2-SAL2-GAT3-RAD3-6545 or RAC2-SAL2-GAT3-RAD3-7885

Virtual Skipper 2: 12312312-3211-2312-3123-123123123123 **suspect this will only work with the Razor release

Warcraft 2: 6696-2TGV-TT64-CNMV


WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos: DRG7JK-IHGL-QAM6VX-RJB5-C8N4E0 or 6584LF-V4A0-KG357J-LI16-MBNKOR or ELMNH8-BN72-ODH5KJ-CF3Z-9RLPKY or BC8QDE-9516-EPA7TY-3H4A-2UOIQ or TVRLJS-Q2E7-PND8M1-IOVK-H936WF KeyGen by Razor 1911

WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos: U8ABOS-RE7K-WMJL88-1WAQ-RT0O7Q or 7HK3GB-9ILI-EKF42L-EEC8-KE04H4 or NSTAN4-9N9P-HX37W4-1DXI-8BCFKR or WPTQG9-175Y-DQ1RE2-B785-7RINGG or QUT9LH-4GGK-JW8B84-S2MA-VPXS5P KeyGen by CLASS

WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos: ROBCW9-GG4J-HE8IX4-K0F1-AAFI5J or TRQKIO-PXWY-JWNVMN-VU8F-Z4SC28 or XB410O-WZ0P-2HJTRX-AK36-SDIHYB or O2Z1DX-853U-1JQS6V-H804-R7N2WG or 0YS8XF-CA0Z-ECG3FB-6D64-HIM18B KeyGen by Alienz



World Cup 2002: 0901-3482564-1716312-0441

World War III BLACK GOLD: 4MU5-6ULW-454L-4222 or G22T-33YG-QE37-SNV8

World War II: Panzer Claws: SEE > Frontline Attack: War over Europe:

ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal: 1LPL-9F81-LINR-60NU-XDXE or 1F57-7JJ3-UHN3-P0PA-ZXED or 18NB-1SEG-1INU-CETJ-2SOT or 1PLD-8D4M-N9B7-8T9E-WTMF or 1ZK4-ONEM-XNH8-PISY-WL6V KeyGen by CLASS

Zax: The Alien Hunter: 1588-8938-7622-6400-6828 or 0000-2059-5800-0000-0001

Источник: []

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