Autodesk AutoCAD v14.0 serial key or number

Autodesk AutoCAD v14.0 serial key or number

Autodesk AutoCAD v14.0 serial key or number

Autodesk AutoCAD v14.0 serial key or number

Download and Install Free Autodesk Software

Autodesk, makers of AutoCAD, Civil3D, Inventor, Fusion 360, 3ds Max, Revit, Maya, and more, makes these and dozens more software tools available to students and faculty members for personal use at no cost. The license terms stipulate that these programs can be installed on personal computers (PC or Mac) for educational purposes only. Any commercial use of drawings created or edited with these tools is strictly prohibited.

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I. Create an Autodesk Account

II. Download the Software

III. Installation

IV. Managing Autodesk Software

V. Uninstalling Autodesk Software

1. To download educational versions of Autodesk software, visit this link: Scroll down the page to see the complete list of software available to students and faculty.

2. Click on the name of the product you wish to download.

a. If you already have an Autodesk account, click the "Sign in" button and skip to step 9.

b. If you have not yet created an Autodesk account, click on the "Create account" button.

3. Enter your personal information on the resulting screen. Choose United States as the Country, even if you are not from the U.S. Select the appropriate educational role from the next drop-down menu. The Institution Type is University/Post-Secondary. Enter your birth date in the last series of drop-down menus.

4. You will be presented with a screen asking for your full name, e-mail address, and your desired password. You must use your e-mail address in this step to be eligible to download the software! Make sure your password meets the requirements shown below. Check the box indicating that you agree to the Autodesk Terms of Use and click the "Create Account" button.

5. Once you have entered your e-mail address, you will see the screen below prompting you to check your Valpo e-mail. Click the link in the e-mail you received from Autodesk to verify that you are the owner of the e-mail account you entered.

6. Once you have verified your e-mail address, you will have the option to opt out of Autodesk marketing e-mails. If you do not want to receive messages from the company, uncheck the box and click "Done".

7. In the final step, start typing the name "Valparaiso University" in the box labeled "Name of educational institution". Click on the school name as it appears below the drop-down box. Check the appropriate box for your academic discipline and select your start and end dates of enrollment from the drop-down menus.

8. Click the "Continue" button as shown below. Your account is now active, but there is one additional step you must complete before you are allowed to download software.

9. Before you are able to download software from, you must first complete your profile. Click on the "Complete Profile" link and sign in with your new Autodesk credentials.

10. You will be prompted to enable 2-step verification for greater account security. You have the option to skip this step by clicking the text "Remind me later". If you do not wish to set up 2-step authentication, skip to Step 11. Otherwise, follow parts a-d below to secure your account from unauthorized access by requiring a code sent via text message every time you sign in to the Autodesk website.

a. You will need an authentication app on your smartphone in order to use the QR code method as shown below. Google Authenticator is a free app in both Apple App Store and Google's Play Store. LastPass also makes a free authenticator app that enjoys cross-platform support.

b. If you do not have a smartphone, you can click "Use SMS Instead" at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number, and will receive a text message with a code rather than generating a secure token through an authenticator app. Skip to part d of this step if you choose to use SMS to get your code.

c. The secure six-digit token in the an authenticator app refreshes every 20 seconds, so you have a limited time to enter it before it changes. An indicator shows you how much longer the code will still be alive. In the LastPass authenticator app, the code will turn red when it is about to expire.

d. Enter the code and click "Next". If you enter it correctly, you will see the message below. 2-step verification is now set up with your phone, and you will be required to enter a code either from a text message or the authenticator app every time you sign in to your Autodesk account.

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, Autodesk AutoCAD v14.0 serial key or number

Autodesk, where are my software, serial number, and product keys?

So where do you go to find your software, serial numbers, and product keys? The answer is simple . . . in your Autodesk Account. If you are the contract manager or software coordinator for you company you will find it all there.

Once you are in your Autodesk Account, you can easily find your serial number for you respective software by clicking on the software chevron and exposing
the numbers:

For more information on this Autodesk had created a technical document titledFinding Your Serial Number and Product Key in your Autodesk Account.

Now that you know where to find your serial numbers and product keys, where is your software? Remember, since Autodesk provides all their software via
download methods you are no longer going to be receiving the install media in the mail because the requests for media are no longer free.

There are three methods to download your software and they can all be read about in depth in Autodesk’sAbout Download Methodsdocument.

The three methods are

  • Install Now
  • Download Now
  • Browser Download

I recommend the browser download method since we’ve come to find it the most reliable.  However, it is the longest method of download. For
information on how to use the browser download method I recommend you read Autodesk’sUsing the Browser Download Method for Autodesk Accountdocument.

There is also a fourth option that is rarely discussed . . . theAutodesk Virtual Agent. If you don’t have access yourAutodesk Account, then you can use theAutodesk Virtual Agent to download your software. There two warnings you need to be aware of about this method though. . .

  1. You will not find your serial numbers within the Autodesk Virtual Agent. If need be, you can contact your re-seller for this information as well.
  2. Usually the most current software takes a bit longer to hit the virtual agent than it does to hit yourAutodesk Account.
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Autodesk AutoCAD v14.0 serial key or number
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