Ability Office 2002 3.0.035 serial key or number

Ability Office 2002 3.0.035 serial key or number

Ability Office 2002 3.0.035 serial key or number

Ability Office 2002 3.0.035 serial key or number

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"><html><head><metahttp-equiv="Content-Type"content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><metaname="Author"content="IBM"><title>Eclipse Platform Build Notes - SWT</title></head><body><h1>Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>SWT</h1><h2> SWT Build 3.5 50a - Thursday June 04, 2009</h2><blockquote>279042 Cocoa: top-level menus not updated as you switch between editors</blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 50 - Wednesday June 03, 2009</h2><blockquote>277713 Crash (probably opening dialog with progress reporting in it) </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 49 - Tuesday May 26, 2009</h2><blockquote>261206 Console view: Copy is disabled after double-click to select word<br>277442 BlockSelection: Exception and crash while RTL orientation<br>277631 Cannot move cursor after cancelling IME input by pressing escape key.<br>277268 [Forms] section header labels are cut off on Gtk<br>277437 [Cocoa] GC#drawText font background issue </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 48h - Monday May 25, 2009</h2><blockquote>273570 Unable to create view ID org.eclipse.jdt.ui.PackageExplorer: An unexpected exception was thrown. in existing workspace only </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 48g - Thursday May 21, 2009</h2><blockquote>276564 Eclipse won't launch using JDK 7 because SWT native libraries don't load<br>277193 Graphics drawing in unwanted places when scrolling bundles in a launch config<br>277235 Accessibility Control Example ClassCastException<br>277285 Cursor position does not change while typing in Japanese input method program<br>277314 Cocoa - Application crashes while copying an image </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 48f - Wednesday May 20, 2009</h2><blockquote>274925 Drag view shows outline in wrong location with multiple monitors<br>276532 Debug toolbar button glows, key bindings stop working<br>277173 ToolItems and Buttons are not accessible on Cocoa (regression)<br>276485 BlockSelection: copying block only fills with spaces when folding enabled<br>276506 BlockSelection: Paste should end with long caret<br>276516 BlockSelection: Arrow_Left and Arrow_Right should set caret to beginning/end of selection<br>276854 BlockSelection: Shift+Click does not work with normal caret<br>276569 Cocoa: exception gets logged when opening views while a detached view exists<br>277195 FileDialog NPE's when attempting to upload an attachment with Mylyn<br>276531 Selection jumps in tree<br>276553 Cocoa: Menus completely gray after drag-and-drop to detached view <br>277175 Accessibility - Console message printed when custom control has focus<br>277193 Graphics drawing in unwanted places when scrolling bundles in a launch config</blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 48e - Tuesday May 19, 2009</h2><blockquote>275935 [babel] update NLS string files<br>276683 Tree item icons drawn into next column<br>276760 GC#drawRoundRectangle(..) draw too big radii on Cocoa<br>276826 Compile warning in official build </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 48d - Monday May 18, 2009</h2><blockquote>223703 FileDialog.setOverwrite(boolean) does nothing on Cocoa<br>275945 [clipboard] regression: pasting text from file properties to java editor seems to be in wrong format<br>275552 Font loading slow for font that is not there (ie. 'Sans Serif')<br>275875 crash: Cmd+Q only closes first shell in SnippetLauncher<br>276131 Browser Test crashing </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 48b - Wednesday May 13, 2009</h2><blockquote>275631 Ctrl+Tab key binding works incorrectly.<br>275913 StyledText with block selection: Typing at virtual caret on empty line inserts char after caret</blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 48a - Monday May 11, 2009</h2><blockquote>274925 Drag view shows outline in wrong location with multiple monitors</blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 48 - Friday May 8, 2009</h2><blockquote>274274 NPE in Accessible#removeAccessibleListener() if called from dispose listener<br>180176 [OLE] [EditorMgmt] Strange behavior while opening default gif editor<br>236630 [OLE] Saving docx file will corrupt the file and produce OLE exception<br>267884 Select All does not work in TextEditor Example with block selection<br>270316 [OLE] Failure save 2003 Word document with embedded Word 2007 editor<br>270495 Improving performance of ImageData.blit and Image.init methods<br>270676 StyledText : text selection stops when mouse cursor leaves the x-axis<br>273354 Form Feed (\f) makes StyledText go crazy<br>274931 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Program.getImageData(*)<br>275484 OleClientSite#isDirty QueryInterface IIDIPersistFile but creates IPersistStorage<br>254861 Gtk SWT should set window type hint for SWT.BALLOON tooltips<br>262981 GC#drawText could use data.stringWidth and data.stringHeight<br>275459 Test failures in GC on I20090507-2000<br>253230 Implement preferred size for scrolled widgets (text, tree, table ...)<br>269198 [Browser-IE] Cannot register a function for the whole browser's lifetime.<br>271029 No menu bar items with Mozilla Browser (XULRunner<br>272401 [browser] [KeyBindings] copy and paste key bindings not working in embedded browser<br>275207 [Browser] crash when showing text entry prompter<br>252109 [Clipboard] Mac: When you copy text to the clipboard from a StyledText widget, the text uses the wrong end-of-line sequence<br>266172 Shell setFullScreen not implemented<br>274120 Update progress bar from UI thread does not work on Cocoa<br>274141 [content assist] Additional info of newly selected proposal not shown<br>275220 Printing java file causes crash<br>273099 Save As.. dialog is not seeded with selection's file name<br>273953 [carbon] DeviceResourceException on certain images<br>274001 Rollover tooltips for all truncated tree and table items<br>274161 Cannot create circular Shell on Cocoa<br>274273 Accessibility - Window not allowing programatic reposition or resize<br>274385 Control-click for context menu loses multi-selection<br>274387 Old dragging behavior when tree/table item is not selected<br>165033 Table vertical lines always showing </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 47 - Tuesday May 5, 2009</h2><blockquote>274890 SWT crash <br>274931 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Program.getImageData(*) <br>245278 [DateTime] ignores User's keyboard input <br>274271 SHEET Javadoc issues <br>274655 Build Cairo on Solaris SPARC <br>274696 Checkbox Tree wastes a lot of space beween box and item </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 46 - Monday May 4, 2009</h2><blockquote>273661 [KeyBindings] copy/paste doesn't always work in dialogs <br>274230 Using content assist in the new Java class wizard crashes the VM <br>273688 N20090424-2000 swt contains 3542.dll but wants 3543 <br>264560 hard crash upon opening internal browser on mac <br>250501 Control.print(GC) does not work correctly <br>274409 tag projects changed since I20090421-0930 build - swt <br>274295 Did you mean "image/jpeg"? <br>165251 Not enough information in Calendar control's SelectionEvent <br>259028 Implement AWT/Swing interop <br>274538 Shells with SWT.SHEET do not hide with setVisible(false) (only when disposed) <br>274188 create caret from image does not work <br>274302 Nested GridLayouts cut content if inner grabs vertical space <br>274169 drawing problem after inserting Bullet into StyledText <br>274529 All build.xml files must be updated to get the .api_description file <br>274344 [64] [DND] Snippet282 crashes <br>274194 FocusEvents and Control#isFocusControl() don't match up </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 45 - Wednesday April 29, 2009</h2><blockquote>165251 Not enough information in Calendar control's SelectionEvent<br>250501 Control.print(GC) does not work correctly<br>264560 hard crash upon opening internal browser on mac<br>272276 DBCS3.5:Selecting korean text and right clicking on eclipse editor results in deletion of those characters.<br>274409 tag projects changed since I20090421-0930 build - swt</blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 44 - Monday April 27, 2009</h2><blockquote>52789 DCR: No pageOrientation in PrintData?<br>135638 StyledText ignores alignment with style SWT.SINGLE<br>159465 Accessibilities: Improve traverse order for SWT ToolBar<br>268529 SWT.Error when using mouse click cell editor activation<br>272412 Checkboxes with images have incorrect image alignment<br>273492 [Mac] Test failure in Bug43610Test.testShiftAlt on Cocoa<br>273521 Toolbar: tooltip shows at 0,0 when hot item moved by key with mouse over item<br>273631 Second call to fillRectangle/fillOval uses black background instead of the declared one<br>273635 Command+click to deselect one of a multi-selection doesn't work<br>273919 getOffset(int,int,int[]) fails for empty lines ("\n")<br>273925 Advice to p2 metadata generation<br>273939 toolitems can't be traversed when the toolbar has tabitem siblings </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 43 - Sunday April 26, 2009</h2><blockquote>23618 Printing - copyCount field in PrinterData is useless<br>52789 DCR: No pageOrientation in PrintData?<br>254497 traverser always happen to all controls<br>268529 SWT.Error when using mouse click cell editor activation<br>271310 [Presentations] BIDI3.5:HCG_Wrong repaint of mirrored windows on linux<br>271384 Safari - Open Link in New Window does not load link in new window<br>271691 outline not implemented in Path.contains<br>271726 DBCS3.5: Java Editor can not copy DBCS correctly into WordPad<br>272046 clipping of PaintItem events for Trees is inconsistent across platforms<br>272212 Add Solaris x86 build support<br>272412 Checkboxes with images have incorrect image alignment<br>272833 Context menus outdated on right-click because MenuDetect fires before Selection event<br>272834 Rollover tooltips on every Tree and Table item<br>272835 Rollover tooltips wrongly placed on Tree and Table items with images<br>273083 Create a MessageBox with SWT.SHEET style gives 2 apple menus<br>273095 Can't insert characters into a StyledText using the Character Palette on OS X<br>273117 BlockSelection: setBlockSelectionRectangle should not clamp selection width to renderer width if client area allows a larger selection<br>273256 Cleanup duplicated string in properties files<br>273280 Link widget does not handle single quote (') for href attribute<br>273521 Toolbar: tooltip shows at 0,0 when hot item moved by key with mouse over item </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 42 - Tuesday April 21, 2009</h2><blockquote>182753 [Browser] SWT Browser does not reload images when they change<br>222783 [Table & Tree] Cocoa moveable columns do not work<br>239556 [Java Editor]Space character is NOT displayed after a Korean character<br>253056 BlockSelection: add get/setBlockSelectionRectangle to StyledText<br>261391 StyledText should use PDE API Tools @noextend<br>267038 [expressions] Edit watch expression action is never enabled<br>267680 embedded browser cache does not reset<br>269566 mylyn - two tooltips in task list<br>270176 main shell unresponsive after a dialog was opened while shell minimized<br>271179 findProgram("a.null and void") returns Text Edit instead of null<br>271726 DBCS3.5: Java Editor can not copy DBCS correctly into WordPad<br>272075 Spaces/Tabs are not added after multibyte characters in Java Class.<br>272156 NPE in Display.applicationDelegateProc(..) when creating display<br>272259 NPE in Display.runAsyncMessages(..) on quit<br>272592 Issues with PNG images on Cocoa<br>272616 GB18030: 4-byte GB18030 displayed as ? in SWT Clipboard RTFTransfer.<br>272631 SWT error when initializing GC<br>272710 transparent png has black background<br>272808 XULRunner doesn't work in Eclipse >= 3.5M6<br>272827 CCE in Text.getLineHeight()<br>272868 Explicit class pre-initialization breaks "new Display()" on motif </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 40 - Tuesday April 14, 2009</h2><blockquote>188320 Possible Deadlock in JFace ModalContext<br>253229 Implement SWT.Settings for Display<br>259687 [Browser] Javascript executes asynchronously with xulrunner 1.9<br>263508 Click and drag behavior in Tables and Trees different from other Cocoa apps<br>267507 Progress bar in progress view shines through fast view<br>269924 SWT Text Control getCaretLocation returns NULL for Style SWT.MULTI<br>270036 UI Test Suite does not run to completion.<br>270280 Debug test suite crashes on cocoa<br>270382 Drag and drop to Tree does not update cursor<br>270954 Eclipse crashes when trying to print code with a scale different from 100%.<br>271088 VM crash starting with N20090402-2000<br>271336 Test failures on Mac OS<br>271634 [cocoa] Display loads hardcoded english nib file<br>271677 context menu widget disposed exception<br>271697 Shell print(GC) not implemented<br>271904 Checkbox takes too much space to the right </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 40 - Tuesday April 7, 2009</h2><blockquote>185204 [CTabFolder] CTabItem.drawClose could preserve color<br>226973 On Linux, TableColumn#getWidth() sometimes incorrectly returns 0.<br>239477 Crash in ScriptStringOut<br>240033 [Viewers] 'Dialog refresh' has encountered a problem<br>246408 Parent Composite gets MouseEntered event when mouse enters a control<br>262694 [e3.5][mac] Add CC text field content assist doesn't work<br>269383 Compiler warnings in N20090318-2000<br>270179 MouseHover event always has empty stateMask<br>270381 Drag and drop to Tree does not show drop target selection feedback<br>270406 CTabFolder.setBackground(Image) should be deleted<br>270544 caret line highlight leaves screen artifacts<br>270654 Scale does not fire selection events<br>270663 Combo.select() causes SelectionEvent<br>270670 CTabFolder should not cache borderColor<br>270858 Display.post failing in test suite<br>270861 [Browser] don't use InitXPCOM2 to initialize xulrunner<br>270880 Combo does not fire SWT.Modify immediately on select(int)<br>271017 Compiler warnings in N20090401-2000<br>271026 "Quick Type Hierarchy" window briefly appears, then disappears.<br>271027 Failure in JFace test suite related to virtual table<br>271129 Changes from 240033 causes java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError at org.eclipse.swt.internal.gtk.OS.g_object_notify<br>271340 Region.contains always returns false on MacOS Cocoa port (3.5M6) </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 39 - Tuesday March 31, 2009</h2><blockquote>136515 [OpenGL] Support shared context for GLCanvas<br>213194 [Browser] setText crash with xulrunner 1.9 stream<br>222863 No horizontal scrollbars in List<br>242388 [FastView] Unhandled event loop exception: NPE in ToolBarManager.update<br>251608 Artificial bold and italic style to font<br>255070 cocoa_new() functions leaking?<br>267126 SWTException evaluating JS with Sarfari<br>267276 NPE in tooltip code<br>268181 Screen cheese after switching compare provider<br>268702 [CellEditors] Selecting a cell erases the other cells on Mac OSX Cocoa<br>268724 TRAVERSE_PAGE_NEXT events don't get through StyledText<br>269606 Wrong default new text line delimiter on Mac/Cocoa<br>269950 Combo.setText does nothing in read-only mode<br>270140 MessageDialog spews warning on gtk 2.4.13<br>270177 SWT - DateTime component is broken on MAC cocoa 64 bits.<br>270262 Leaks in ToolTip<br>270379 Main menu is not closed when dialog opens asynchronously<br>270500 [mac] TrayItem menus should be drop downs rooted to the menu bar (COCOA) </blockquote><h2> SWT Build 3.5 38 - Tuesday March 24, 2009</h2><blockquote>210871 Toolbar combo box multiple glitches<br>213185 DropTargetEvent does not mention DND.DROP_DEFAULT<br>251608 Artificial bold and italic style to font<br>253065 Window -> Show View -> Other ... is broken<br>253217 Implement GC.copyArea()<br>253226 Implement widget attributes (foreground, background, font, background image)<br>257003 SWT controls: discrepancy in the application of Background Image
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, Ability Office 2002 3.0.035 serial key or number

Ability Office 2002 3.0.035 Serial number

The serial number for Ability is available

This release was created for you, eager to use Ability Office 2002 3.0.035 full and without limitations. Our intentions are not to harm Ability software company but to give the possibility to those who can not pay for any piece of software out there. This should be your intention too, as a user, to fully evaluate Ability Office 2002 3.0.035 without restrictions and then decide.

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Ability Office 2002 3.0.035 serial key or number

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