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Sup[1]supliulh4New in iOS 5[edit]h4ulliTrue tabbed browsing, similar to the desktop experience, only for iPads. sup91;6893;supliliReading List, a bookmarking feature that allows tagging of certain sites for reading later, which syncs across all Safari browsers (mobile and desktop) via Apple's iCloud service. sup91;6893;supliliReader, a reading feature that can format text and images from a web page into a more readable format, similar to a PDF document, while stripping out web advertising and superfluous information.

sup91;6893;supliliPrivate browsing, like in most desktop browsers a feature that does not save the user's cookies and history, or allow anything to be written into local storage or webSql databases. liulh4New in iOS 6[edit]h4ulliiCloud Tabs, linking the desktop and iOS versions of Safari.

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LiliFilters and professional effects. liliRaw files in panoramic images. liliSuperb panorama engine.

Graphic & Design

AMD Radeon HD 7670M. AMDATI 64bit display driver 14. 1006-140417a-171098C for Microsoft. Specifications and benchmarks of the AMD Radeon HD 7670M graphics card for notebooks.


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